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Dragon Ball Super: Broly (Dragon Ball Super: Broly) is the product of the "Dragon Ball" brand that makes the audience most satisfied, one of the best Dragon Ball movies, the most perfect to date in 123Movies.

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The story takes place back to the past now, the Saiyan journey still exists and is being ruled by King Vegeta. King Vegeta has a son, Vegeta (Cadic), who wants his son to become the most powerful, as well as will succeed him later.

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But when he discovered the hidden power of Broly - the son of Paragas (the brilliant general of the planet Saiyan), he thought that Broly could grow up to become the legendary Super Saiyan and eventually depose Frieza as a reason for celebrates, but King Vegeta is only upset that some random child is stronger than his royal descendant

King Vegeta sent the Paragas father and son on a suicide mission on a harsh planet that cannot escape in the planet Vampa far away in the universe. Experiencing many events, finally being helped by Frieza, the father Parasgas and Broly have escaped from the elemental planet to meet Vegeta in order to avenge the old years.

Surviving under the harsh conditions of the planet Vampa, Paragus also slowly refined his son into a vengeance so that Broly could one day attack the Vegeta family with his terrifying power.

Dragon Ball Super: BrolyDragon Ball Super: Broly is Broly-centric, just like with Goku about leaving Planet Vegeta. The two have similar backgrounds, but only Goku is lucky enough to be in a hospitable place like Earth. Broly is rightly the victim of the situation, but the important thing is that the movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly will point out that although there are similar circumstances but they can decide who they are, Goku also recognizes and will have to do. What to convert to Broly.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly makes the most of the past opening to tell characters that fans have never seen such as Zarbon, Dodoria, Nappa, Force Ginyu and the scary Raditz of Kid! Going deeper into the relationship between King Vegeta and Bardock (as well as Goku's mother, Gine).

Adding these details to the characters is actually more motivating and in-depth, rather than the 'Cool Dad Saiyan' that we used to know earlier because of the cold and brutal look. Along with the insightful details, there are answers for the technological advances in the Dragon Ball universe that previously viewers were quite curious.

Bảy viên ngọc rồng siêu cấp: Broly

The character Broly is actually very pitiful. Not just some people who are manipulated but also victims of a past abused. He desperately tried to avoid a violent life, but was constantly pushed into those positions by the person he trusted the most. This is indeed a brutal story, a subtly well-built story that Dragon Ball has not created for a long time.

It also startled the audience when the baby Goku was again in such a situation. Not only is this an ordinary villain, but it's also controversial whether Broly is the hero in the movie.

This time, Broly is shown a series of different emotional nuances, captures ideas and is even told more complete sentences than the grunts he was limited to in previous films ( that the voice actor Vic Mignogna had to say). Bryy's unique 'friend' story on the planet of Vampa and the behind-the-scenes story behind his fur skin are heartbreaking.

The necklace that Paragus father used to manipulate and control his son in control is no different from Broly becoming a The Legendary Super Saiyan, perhaps quite similar to the statement about Tang Tang and Sun Wukong.

At the end of the movie, Broly's landslide battle with Son Guku and Vegeta is also quite attractive. The most noticeable highlights are the Saiyan transformations and the fusion of Son Guku and Vegeta into Gogeta. We also no longer see the blonde Saiyan, because right now Goku and Vegeta have leveled up the level of power completely superior Super Saiyan God, Super Saiyan Blue, ...

The image and sound of Dragon Ball Super: Broly is well-groomed. Compared to the old movies, it is much nicer. This is also a plus point that stands out more in really sharp fights.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly (Dragon Ball Super: Broly) is probably focusing primarily on children's subjects, because this is still an animated film nonetheless. But that is not the reason why Goku's fans have missed it for a long time. This is a really entertaining movie worth watching with creating good characters.

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